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My Clean Buddy – Disinfectant Fogger
My Clean Buddy – Disinfectant Fogger
My Clean Buddy – Disinfectant Fogger
My Clean Buddy – Disinfectant Fogger
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Viruses germs and bacteria are everywhere

Disinfecting your space with toxic sprays and wipes is no longer enough. 

My Clean Buddy™️ uses thermal fogging technology to safely sanitize hard to reach areas. 

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We have successfully helped more than 5,000 customers disinfect their space. 

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Take back your space 

My Clean Buddy, does not come with a disinfectant solution. 
Solution maker is purchased separately.*

Professional Results, At Affordable Prices

At My Clean Buddy, we believe you deserve to effectively disinfect your space without paying extreme prices. 

Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

What solution can I use with My Clean Buddy?

We recommend using the 100% all natural cleaning solution created by the My Clean Buddy Jr., which is currently on sale as a bundle HERE. We recommend diluting the disinfectant in water with a ratio of 1:20 (1 part disinfectant 20 parts water). Learn more about our solution maker HERE.

 How does My Clean Buddy work?

Our device works as a spray fogger – simply attach the anti-bacterial solution to the spray device, grip onto the ergonomic handle, and dial in spray intensity. 

What is the science behind My Clean Buddy?

The supercharged multi-stage heat exchange type steam generating device superheats the liquid water from the saturated steam into a single water molecule by utilizing the principle of generating more than one superheated steam. This allows for My Clean Buddy to disperse the disinfecting solution evenly and effectively, helping to eliminate germs and bacteria wherever they may be. 

Instructions for the My Clean Buddy?

 Using the My Clean Buddy is as easy as it gets!

1. Fill the bottle attachment with disinfecting solution, and attach to My Clean Buddy.

2. Plug power cord into power outlet.

3. Power on device by using the red switch located on the side.

4. Allow 45 seconds for the device to fully power on and begin dispensing fog (indicated by the green light on the side of the device.)

5. Simply point to the area you wish to disinfect. 

Instruction manual can be found HERE

Why Thermal Fogging?

Thermal fogging turns cleaning solutions into heated fog that produces much smaller droplets sizes than cold foggers, which means, no surface residue, and easily disinfect hard to reach crevices. The disinfecting fog permeates the whole structure. It cleans the air and surfaces. When done right, thermal fogging eliminates many of the pathogens found in an area.

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews

Awesome thank you 🙏🏼

Long wait

Long wait time and no response from company when inquiring, until I filed a report. Have t had a chance to use hopefully it works as the box arrived all mangled!


Love it

Loved our clean buddy...until it started to leak

We loved our clean buddy and felt confident is was doing its job. That is until it began to leak, terribly. Our fogger was barely used as well- I could see this happening after an extended period of time with heavy usage. I contacted a rep via the site chat service who stated the warranty timeframe is only 60 days, I see a response from the company below that states it is for a year. Also, this rep stated I could get the new mybuddy model at 50% off and then failed to answer or provide with us with a discount code.


I think this is a great product. The power behind the Buddy gives me a sense of confidence that it sufficiently does its job. The only complaint would be the liquid goes very quickly, other than that I think this
Product was put together well and serves the purpose amazingly

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